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Happy hour, hip music and co-working: Welcome to the new Staples-  A W Hotel? A tech startup? It’s a Staples store, with a coworking space….



Staples isn’t just for office supplies or printing anymore. Three of the company’s Massachusetts stores now include happy hour, retro music and mod seating — that is, it’s adding coworking spaces.


Staples Woos Entrepreneurs With In-Store Coworking Spaces: In a smart co-branded partnership, Staples is now offering coworking space at three locations in Boston…


Twenty-somethings sip gourmet coffee in comfy booths as a chill soundtrack plays.  It’s a  Staples  office-supply store offering  this “co-working” space — where millennials on laptops set up their instant offices — inside the very first Staples store in America.