Event Guidelines

We are very fortunate to have such a dynamic and energetic member community, and to draw the same type of crowd to our open social, networking and educational events. Our workspace and event space is designed to encourage the flow of conversation and to connect people from different worlds in an organic, no-pressure environment where relationships are created and fruitful.

We encourage diversity in every sense of the word, for it is the diversity within our community that has made Workbar what it is today. We focus much of our efforts on being a “relationship engine” for people seeking to connect with others, and in exchange become a resource for our community.

However, in order to successfully accomplish this level of diversity and exchange, we adhere to the following guidelines and expect our members, event hosts, and guests to adhere to these standards. Workbar reserves the right to revoke event or space participation privileges at our discretion.

Respect our space and member community – Don’t touch, steal, move or play with Workbar member or staff belongings either on their desks, in the offices, or in common space.

Connect with the community – Workbar’s mission from the very beginning has always been to connect people and create an environment of shared resources. We encourage you to connect with other event attendees and with our member community in way that is helpful and mutually beneficial.

Keep it casual, don’t be a salesman – We highly discourage attendance to any of our events by folks with an agenda to sell. It’s not how we do business and we don’t think it should be your style either. If you do make a business connection – cheers! Enjoy your evening, sleep on it and talk numbers in the morning.

Become a valued resource to our community – Be willing and proactive in teaching, sharing your expertise, and connecting with others. Be helpful and honest.

Walk away having learned something new – We respect your time and take great care in organizing events that align with the social, educational, and professional needs of our community. Our hope is that you are able to hone your skills, grow your business and make valuable connections by being an active participant at Workbar.

Don’t creep, keep it comfortable – The comfort of our members and event attendees is our priority. Be respectful and considerate of people’s time and patience – common sense goes a long way when communicating or interacting with others.

Drink Responsibly – This is a no brainer, we hope! No one wants to be ‘that guy’ at the event. Be courteous, be safe and use public transportation when drinking.