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9 Species of Digital Nomads Sitting Around You: Identify Each One

By Guest Author |

Coworking has become a new global phenomenon that is capturing the hearts of digital nomads everywhere. Since there are many types of them out there, here’s the  discerning coworker’s field guide to identifying each  “species” of digital nomad  you might encounter in a coworking space: Type #1. The Workaholic As you have probably guessed, this… Continue Reading
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We’re Coworking in Brookline: The Village Works Founders’ Letter

By workbar |

Coworking is alive in  Brookline! The  newest addition to the Workbar Network, The Village Works, makes its debut here in the proud Founders’ Letter: Neighborhood coworking finally arrives south of the river! The Village Works is now open in Brookline Village, welcoming neighbors for coworking, meeting and shared workspace, offices, events and community connection. Our… Continue Reading
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Five Ways Coworking Improves Your Workday [Infographic]

By Guest Author |

  As the different personas and populations of the modern workforce discover it, the phenomenon of coworking is sweeping across the globe and changing the future of work. Whether you are a remote worker, solopreneur or startup founder, here are five ways coworking improves your workday:   Want to try out a free day of… Continue Reading
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How Do I Convince My Employer to Pay for my Coworking Membership?

By Guest Author |

The growing popularity of coworking is changing the way people work. When given the option, more and more professionals are finding success in  the shared office concept as an alterative to long commutes, sterile cubicles, pricey leases and distracting home offices.  Today’s mobile, remote workforce has some pretty convincing reasons to ask their employers to… Continue Reading
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10 Great Careers for Telecommuters [Infographic]

By Guest Author |

Thanks to the advancement of technology we now have the freedom to work from our living rooms, and quite a number of large  corporations  seem to be embracing this trend of hiring remote employees. Not only is it financially advantageous for the company but  studies  indicate that employees who work from home are significantly more productive… Continue Reading

The Art of Coworking in Workbar

By Dave Gentry |

When the walls of Workbar Boston cried out for fresh art, Space & Community Manager Cheryl Centeno drew on her experience with the Institute for Contemporary Art to reach out to Artists for Humanity. This amazing non-profit nurtures and educates budding high school artists, and then goes a step further. To the delight of members… Continue Reading
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Workbar’s Reservable Room Names, Part 2

By workbar |

When Workbar opened its next two “Hub” locations in Somerville and Arlington,  the inspiration for the conference room names was drawn from colorful aspects of the local history. See Part 1  for the story behind the reservable room names in Boston and Cambridge Workbar Union Reservable Room Names “Hammer” Despite an underdeveloped left arm,  Somerville native… Continue Reading