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5 Tools to Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Pile

By Guest Author |

A good resume is the mirror of your experience and qualities. If created properly, it can reveal your expertise and professional background but it can also make you an unwanted applicant. Your duty is to write a high-quality bio because it’s the only way that you can stand out from the pile. Luckily enough, there… Continue Reading
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How to Become a Well-Paid Freelance Writer

By Guest Author |

  To become a well-paid freelance writer you don’t need to have specialized education, but you do need to have talent, be well-versed in your genre, and  bring something new to your readers. Whether you want to publish a book, or become a freelance master on preparing landing pages, blog/guest posts or commercial offers, you… Continue Reading

“Vue” to the World with Workbar’s Engineers

By workbar |

Workbar’s software engineers like Kristin Ruben are the masterminds behind our members’ digital user experience. She is the guest author of this post on the Javascript framework Vue.js (which is responsible for some of the new dynamic features of the platform, such as digital on-boarding) and the organizer of the upcoming Vue.js meetup in Workbar Cambridge…. Continue Reading
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Workbar Arlington All Grown Up

By Dave Gentry |

Younger siblings can often act tender and adorable in order to win attention and approval, but the newest addition to the Workbar family is different. Turning birth order theory on its head, Workbar Arlington has quickly   become  the town’s coworking nexus. In the two short months since the official ribbon-cutting, the growing membership numbers of Workbar… Continue Reading
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Marketing Magic in the Witchy City

By Dave Gentry |

Thanks to innate charm and savvy marketing, Salem has repackaged its dark history into the rarified air of tourism success stories. Every year, after eleven months of steady  tourism, things get good and weird for October. Under the imposing statue of the town’s founder, Roger Conant, a very different Salem comes to life when the… Continue Reading