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How to Hire an Employee for Cultural Fit

By Guest Author |

You know you’ve got a candidate with great qualifications and good industry experience, but how do you know if they’re a good cultural fit with your company? Creating an organization with employees who understand and support its culture is important. If companies can avoid the pitfalls of  unconscious bias and homogeneity, then finding a  good cultural… Continue Reading
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How to Use Texting for Small Business [Infographic]

By Guest Author |

Between email, Slack, and a dozen other ways to communicate, it’s important to remember good ol’ texting. This week’s guest post explores some interesting ways to use the highly personal (and oft-overlooked) tool of texting for small business. About the Author: Anastasia Sviridenko is a content marketing manager at  TextMagic. When not working she loves… Continue Reading
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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Books

By Dave Gentry |

So often with startups, independent professionals, and small businesses, the person in charge figures that it’s best if he or she tackles the bookkeeping for the business. As professional bookkeepers at BooksTime, we have seen – over and over again – frustrated, exhausted business owners finally give up the “battle with their books” and hand them… Continue Reading
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America: The First Startup

By Dave Gentry |

Few things should give us pause during this huge holiday weekend: the crack of a firework, the first notes of the Star Spangled Banner, a dry swallow of hot dog bun. But if you have a moment for introspection, ponder the notion of our great nation as the world’s first startup. Hear me out. America’s… Continue Reading