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6 Compelling Reasons Why Businesses Need Chatbots in 2017

By Guest Author |

In today’s market more and more businesses need chatbots.  Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google each have their own digital assistants which are capable of reacting to your voice commands, interpreting them, and providing answers. While  apps seem to be on the decline, chatbots seem to be all the rage.  This makes sense, because where digital… Continue Reading
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Unlocking Instagram Features to Boost Your Business Marketing

By Guest Author |

Staying abreast of the changes to Instagram can boost your marketing efforts on this ever-evolving social media platform. Their steady cadence of updated features and functions has helped grow their active monthly users from six to seven hundred million  in the first four months of 2017, roughly twice as many users as Twitter.  Because they have been… Continue Reading
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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Student

By Guest Author |

Inexperience is not necessarily a deal breaker  for your business.  Despite their  lack of employment history, the benefits of hiring a student  can outweigh the negatives for employers.  For this reason, experts at some successful companies  look to  hire  students – here’s  why. 1. Students are cheaper  While people with years of experience in the field demand… Continue Reading
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Watching NCAA Tournament at Work? You’re Not Alone

By Guest Author |

The NCAA Tournament has kicked off, causing billions of dollars in lost productivity. But is playing in the NCAA men’s basketball pool at the office a lose-lose situation for businesses? Productivity is going to decrease as workers focus on whether the Gonzaga Bulldogs can go all the way, or whether the UNC Wilmington Seahawks can… Continue Reading
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Bossed Up Women Lift as they Climb

By workbar |

Bossed Up  is  an innovative personal and professional training organization that helps women craft sustainable careers. Founder/CEO  Emilie Aries is a nationally recognized speaker and political organizer  who has helped hundreds navigate career transition and prevent burnout. In addition to her recent press coverage in the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, ABC, and numerous podcasts, she  is… Continue Reading
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10 Great Careers for Telecommuters [Infographic]

By Guest Author |

Thanks to the advancement of technology we now have the freedom to work from our living rooms, and quite a number of large  corporations  seem to be embracing this trend of hiring remote employees. Not only is it financially advantageous for the company but  studies  indicate that employees who work from home are significantly more productive… Continue Reading
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10 Benefits of Building a Remote Startup

By workbar |

These days, anyone who is considering starting their own business should really sit down and look at everything that a remote startup has to offer. This can be a particularly advantageous opportunity for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money, but who really wants to be their own boss. More and more people are… Continue Reading

“Vue” to the World with Workbar’s Engineers

By workbar |

Workbar’s software engineers like Kristin Ruben are the masterminds behind our members’ digital user experience. She is the guest author of this post on the Javascript framework Vue.js (which is responsible for some of the new dynamic features of the platform, such as digital on-boarding) and the organizer of the upcoming Vue.js meetup in Workbar Cambridge…. Continue Reading
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Food for Thought Leaders: Cater Your Business Meeting

By Dave Gentry |

Food is an important catalyst for bringing people together, kindling conversation, building new relationships, and strengthening existing ones. Many companies are discovering that if they cater business meetings, the results speak for themselves. Workbar members, we are excited to announce a great way for you to order food for your meetings and events: ezCater for… Continue Reading