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10 Great Careers for Telecommuters [Infographic]

By workbar |

Thanks to the advancement of technology we now have the freedom to work from our living rooms, and quite a number of large  corporations  seem to be embracing this trend of hiring remote employees. Not only is it financially advantageous for the company but  studies  indicate that employees who work from home are significantly more productive… Continue Reading

The Art of Coworking in Workbar

By Dave Gentry |

When the walls of Workbar Boston cried out for fresh art, Space & Community Manager Cheryl Centeno drew on her experience with the Institute for Contemporary Art to reach out to Artists for Humanity. This amazing non-profit nurtures and educates budding high school artists, and then goes a step further. To the delight of members… Continue Reading
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Workbar’s Reservable Room Names, Part 2

By workbar |

When Workbar opened its next two “Hub” locations in Somerville and Arlington,  the inspiration for the conference room names was drawn from colorful aspects of the local history. See Part 1  for the story behind the reservable room names in Boston and Cambridge Workbar Union Reservable Room Names “Hammer” Despite an underdeveloped left arm,  Somerville native… Continue Reading

Inside the Technology of Workbar: A Gallery of A/V Capability

By Dave Gentry |

  Workbar is  the workplace of the future, with conference rooms and coworking spaces loaded with  the latest  A/V capabilities… and some old-school, super-useful ones like oversized Post-It notes. Here, in descending order of technological advancement, are the bells, whistles, gadgets and Staples (see what we did there?) that we supply so that you can… Continue Reading
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Coworking with Autism

By Dave Gentry |

It makes sense that Workbar would embrace The Unconventional. It’s an alternative to the traditional office, a different kind of workplace in which a diverse cast chooses their own working adventure. Highlighting Workbar’s interesting and diverse  characters (and their careers) has been one of the goals of this blog, but there has been a conspicuous absence… Continue Reading
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America: The First Startup

By Dave Gentry |

Few things should give us pause during this huge holiday weekend: the crack of a firework, the first notes of the Star Spangled Banner, a dry swallow of hot dog bun. But if you have a moment for introspection, ponder the notion of our great nation as the world’s first startup. Hear me out. America’s… Continue Reading
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Workbar @ Staples

By Bill Jacobson |

By Bill Jacobson, Workbar CEO/Co-Founder Today Workbar and Staples announced a collaboration to bring Workbar spaces to Staples stores. The first three Workbar @ Staples spaces will be located in the Danvers, Norwood and Brighton – suburban ‘Spokes’ roughly North, West and South of Workbar’s urban Boston ‘Hubs’.   I want to share my thoughts on… Continue Reading